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Combination Brows Etobicoke

Embrace the best of both worlds with Combo Brows, blending meticulous hair strokes and gentle shading for a versatile and naturally enhanced look.

Magnified Grass

All About Combo Brows



Who are Combo Brows for?

This technique is ideal for you if you:

  • have any brow hair texture (fine, medium, coarse)

  • have any skin type (combo, normal, dry, sensitive)

  • desire the realistic look of hair strokes but also want more fullness definition

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What are Combination Brows?

Combo Brows: A combination of nano hairstrokes and gentle shading, this technique delivers multidimensional texture, blending natural hair-like detail with a soft, powdery effect for a versatile and rich appearance.



What is the end result?

The result of Combo Brows is a beautifully balanced and enhanced look. You'll enjoy the realism of individual hair strokes along with the depth and fullness that subtle shading brings. The end effect is a pair of perfectly polished, symmetrical brows that offer both natural beauty and refined elegance. The best part? Every combo brow is customized to the unique owner of those brows.

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