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Tailoring a Variety of Techniques for Your Unique Brow Transformation – Discover Your Perfect, Personalized Brow Style.

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Magnified Grass

Your District of Beauty Signature Experience

So, what's included in each service? Dive into the District of Beauty journey, where every detail is tailored to your unique beauty needs:

  • 2 Sessions, Initial &  8-12 Week Perfecting Session:  Begin with a detailed first application, followed by a meticulous perfecting session for exquisite brows.

  • Customized Consultation: Your preferences and style are at the heart of our personalized consultation.

  • Brow Style Mock-Up: Explore various brow styles with our mock-up, helping you choose your ideal look.

  • Expert Brow Mapping: Precise analysis of your facial features ensures brows that enhance your natural beauty.

  • Bespoke Color Mix: A color blend crafted just for you, harmonizing with your skin tone and hair color.

  • Exclusive Aftercare Kit: A handpicked selection of aftercare essentials and treats for your new brows.


At District of Beauty, it's all about a luxurious, personal experience that celebrates and elevates your individual beauty.


Powder Brows: Natural Soft  Shadow Effect

$600 + HST

Powder Brows are the go-to for a soft, balanced, and naturally fuller appearance. Contrary to what you might think, this technique can appear even more natural than Nano Brows, yielding more impact by offering a gentle wash of color. It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance fullness, add more shape & symmetry with a polished finish.

Nano Hairstrokes: Hair Like Finish & The Microblading Upgrade

$650 + HST

Ideal for those who prefer the subtlest of enhancements. Nano Hairstroke Brows aim to mimic natural hair, perfect for filling in sparse areas. This technique is gentler than microblading, offering a refined and symmetrical look ideal for fine to medium brow hair.

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Combo Brow: The Perfect Blend for Versatility

$650 + HST

Combo Brows combine the precision of hairstrokes with the soft fullness of powder technique. They're designed for those who seek a balanced blend of natural hair-like texture and subtle density, delivering a versatile and polished look suitable for any hair or skin type.

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